Lock right

We’ve made two informational videos about locking your bike securely. The first one is about using a lock and bicycle stand correctly. In the second one we destroy locks in order find the strongest ones. Most of the locks were really disappointing but I expected from the start, was that the u-locks would win beat the competition. Of course anyone with an angle grinder can cut all of these locks within minutes. The first video is only in Finnish, the second you can also watch in English.


Minibaiku CX

The local cyclocross championships were raced in Oulu on Saturday. You could race anything you want and only thing required for the hardcore CX series were drop bars. So we put some on our minibikes and signed up for the race. Turns out minibikes are great in the climbs (light to carry), super fun in the downhills (no need to pedal) and agonizing everywhere else.




Silly Australians

Vigorelli Barbeque

“The idea was to light a small blue flame on the tire and the tire would burst and I would hand the guy a new tire for the bike”

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